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TSM believes in wonder. In magic . Students, who are the pillars of TSM, are provided the best possible training with production based experience in an Unbelievable affordable amount. The production unit of TSM believed in providing the best output to it’s Clients keeping the cost extremely low without compromising with quality is where magic begins.

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Multimedia technology refers to interactive computer-based applications that allow people to communicate ideas and information with digital and print elements. Techno Specialty Media is one of the most well-known Multimedia school in the media world. It is an ideal destination for students who desire to build a career in Editing, Compositing, Film making, Graphic Designing , 2d and 3d Animation , Vfx and other Media -related careers. TSM provides great opportunity for students to set their foot in the media industry. It's highly trained professionals brings fresh creative ideas which helps the students to catch a glimpse of the industry requirements. Students are also gives an opportunity to work in real life projects of both Tollywood and Bollywood Movie industry which ultimately prepares them to easily earn a scope in the different media - based production house.
We are known to churn out the best graphic designers in the industry and the same has been maintained throughout the time since our inception. Designers trained under us have carved a niche for themselves and are unparalleled when it comes to competent market capitalization. Known to be extremely creative, these young guns with our guidance have earned success in all types of design be it Image-based, Type-based, Image and Type both or Symbols, Logos and Logotype designing. Persistence and determination have been said to be the keys to success in this field and we have managed to instill these qualities in our students for them to consistently achieve their personal career goals over the years.
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2D & 3D
Both 3D & 2D animation have a vital role to play in both the film and the gaming industries. We endeavor to give our students a good head-start to meet the maximum industry standards by the time they have qualified from our academy. Students are made to begin with an introduction to design, modeling and rendering techniques within 3D together with developing disciplines in the principles of animation and production methods in the animation industry. Developing a blend of the most relevant digital and analog art skills along with understanding of the creative and technical processes involved are incorporated into the curriculum to make the students gain an edge over the rest of the competition and stay ahead. The academic content of our courses are carefully designed to allow our students to get absorbed by the skyrocketing global demand for the entertainment market.
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Designed to provide the students with relevant skills necessary to enter into and maintain a career in post-production for film and television as VFX artists and technicians, our course is a highly sought after entity. We focus on building a foundation of traditional artistic skills, disseminating a solid knowledge base in film VFX theories and principles and providing students with hands-on training in various modern applications and tools. This converts into a student being industry ready by the time he has completed the curriculum with us. We constantly encourage our students to be diagnostic in their study keeping in mind that technology and software are continuously evolving. By laying down tem based projects for our students to work on we groom our students to be able to communicate ideas effectively and work in a collaborative environment.
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Films are one of the most important and well - accepted part of the media world. But the making of a film is not an overnight mystery. It requires days of planning, practice, experience and of course a lump sum investment. TSM's production house has set a strong hold in the film and television industry, its main objective being to produce quality output at a minimal cost. This has become possible over the years by the help of its efficient employees who are skilled at nearly all the production aspects. What sets TSM as unique is their film- making procedure, as the allotted shooting or recording is never carried forward to the following day. As the stipulated time is always maintained, it helps is reducing the production cost. TSM does not usually believe in outsourcing as the employees’ diversity and experience helps in maintaining the high quality production.
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Post Prodution
Post-Production is one of the most important parts of the film making process. It includes all stages of production occurring after shooting or recording individual program segments. Techno Specialty Media is primarily a post-production unit which focuses mainly on Animation, which comprise mainly Graphic, Compositing,vfx,2d and 3d animation and many more. TSM also dose editing in different segments like corporate video, Advertising video, Documentary and many more. These services are provided by extremely talented professionals at an extremely reasonable price. Some of films where TSM had an extra ordinary contribution are Kolkata Columbus, Macher Jhol, Maurakshi and many more.
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Techno Speciality Media
Techno Specialty Media where imagination touches reality is itself an idea about keeping the various aspects of film making and training under one roof starting from animation school to a production and post-production unit.
TSM very well understands the expectations of the film market- which targets at superfine output at minimum price. But due to the deficiency of quality performance the Kolkata film industry have started depending on outsourcing. Which on the other hand contributes towards zero job vacancy, this is where TSM cracks the code. What... if we create our own team   of employees who will together contribute towards film making as a whole. As TSM is an animation school its students enjoy a fine chance to play a grand part in both the production and post-production unit of TSM. Thinking deeply it has two way benefits. First, the students get experienced with real life project and they will never be received as a fresher in various production house. They will be well adjusted with the film environment soundly, as the group is itself created by Mr. Chakraborty it never outsources professionals. This unique idea makes the whole process of film making quite cost effective and time efficient.
What TSM always opposes is the compromise with quality. He can reach to any extreme to meet the expectation of his clients. Training suitable candidates in not only for earning profit but also for gathering satisfaction when TSM sees his students handling a film camera or a much desired animation software and production and post-production equipments without any hesitation and with complete self dependence. Not only this both the production and post-production unit feels extremely lucky and blissful for being able to enjoy the grandeur produced by its extremely potential student come employees.
This complete uniform cycle self balances each other and works together in making TSM a place where inter-dependence, trust and loyalty is the key-factor.

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